This is one of those posts that is difficult for me to spit out, because it involves a lot of soul baring on my part.  I want to talk about yelling and how it destroys the trust and bonds between parent and child.   ...continue reading How Yelling Hurts Your Happiness

Living in the moment is something I truly struggle with.  I know I’m not the only one with this issue, but I also feel that life abroad, especially for diplomats, brings an interesting nuance to this issue.

You see, I don’t just spend a lot of time wondering what’s going on with everyone else in my family.  Worrying about my grandfather.  Inquiring about my sister in college.  But I spend a lot of time hypothesizing about our future, since we live on this rotational two year calendar.  If we are lucky we get three years, or if we are really rolling the dice, DH gets a one year in a third world dump.  (He loves the work, but those twelve months are rough!) ...continue reading The Moments When


steaming-coffee-cup1This morning, a beautiful sunny morning in Amman, we gathered the boys up early to go grab breakfast at Crumz, a local chain that can be best described as the Jordanian version of Panera, only with friendlier people and wait service.

On any given Friday morning you can spot quite a few American and European dips or expats enjoying their coffee and pastries in an environment that gives you a cozy little feeling of being home for an hour or so.  But what I also love about the place, is that you can find just as many local families there, having a morning coffee before Mosque, enjoying the start of their weekend with their kids.  The scene is endearing, families of multiple cultures taking a few moments to sit and enjoy the coffee, the good food, and the company of their loved ones. ...continue reading An Eye Opening Morning

10449515_10152804281021233_3424402695285680926_nOccasionally I get one of those parenting epiphanies that reminds me that most things are not that big a deal.  My kids aren’t in preschool yet, and I constantly feel like if they aren’t then I must fill their time with preschool like activities.  But I realized today that in the end it doesn’t matter.  ...continue reading No, Really, I Promise, It Isn’t the End of the World

toddler sounds title

A friend of mine the other day mentioned that she believed that infants and early toddlers learned whichever noise was the most irritating to their parents and used it exclusively to get their attention.

This, I firmly believe, is precisely the case with Little R.  From the time he was about 9 months old he would issue out this sound that is of the decibel that makes one want to rip their ears from their head.  It isn’t particularly high pitched, and is definitely not a scream.  It is quite like an air siren of the sort that warns of tornadoes, or impending air raids, with a sprinkle of bull horn for good measure.

I sincerely hope that things over here don’t get that serious, because I’m quite certain that I may not wake up for thinking it is actually Little R wanting milk in the middle of the night.

Seriously, it’s like nails on a chalk board times a gagillion.

He’s learning words everyday, but he still can’t quite use his words to communicate what he wants.  So his default is the Noise.  He will bring over a book, show you an airplane for the 100th time that day, and issue the Noise.  He will want a puzzle to play with and issue the Noise.

He will fall down and hurt himself and issue the Noise.

He will get in a tussle with his brother and issue the Noise, which may or may not escalate into a hybrid of shrieking and the Noise.

He begins the day with the Noise coming from his room to let us know he’s awake, and when you go in there, depending on how you posture yourself, he will either get louder with the Noise, or he will give you an adorable “Hiiiigh,” for hello.  I have yet to figure out how I can get the latter greeting every morning.  There seems to be no significant predictable pattern.

He often ends the night the Noise to let you know he’s ready for his story and milk.

It is the worst broken record on the planet and it makes me want to lock myself in a padded room.

We are trying to ignore the noise and get him to begin using his words, or signing for what he wants.  The noise has become a bad habit that we need to break and I know the only way to break bad habits is with consistency, firmness and a TON of patience.

For the love of God, will he please grow out of this soon.

He's still adorable though.


On a good note, the weather is cooling down here in Amman and I’m finding it almost reminds me of home.  We even had thunderstorms the other night.

Rain, Rain, don't go away!
Rain, Rain, don't go away!

Love & Happyness to All!


How do you all break the bad habits your children slip into?