Pinned ImageGood Eats! / Best pancakes ever.....all because we were out of milk! I added 1/4 cup of sugar and an extra 1/4 cup of half and half. They are light and airy and filled with flavor. The cornmeal is a nice add on. Don't skip the sifting! It's totally worth it. I don't think I'm ever using bisquick for pancakes again!.

Babies are the best....

I looove elephants, they are my favorite, and that means there is practically nothing better than a baby elephant! My husband (hereinafter just Husband, or the Hubs or H, because that's what we refer to each other as in our notes and cards...just "Husband" and "Wife")- anyway, we have a whiteboard on the fridge to jot down groceries we need, and H and I like to add in things that are absurd- like baby elephants. I think his last request on the grocery list was a tiger shark (before that he wanted a gorilla). This is just one way we try to maintain some humor in our busy crazy life!

elephant 2