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Hi there!  Misti here, and Practical Happyness started as my outlet for all the things that go on in my head.  I welcome you to join me as it continues to evolve into a thriving and supportive community of people just like me- people that just. want. happyness.

Now, here are a few of my favorite things:

One of my first loves!

I have had a life long love of horses.  So much so that when I was about 7 I was caught hopping bareback on a racehorse while she was on pasture for the winter!  She cantered down the fence and promptly dumped me in a pile of hay.  I then begged and begged our neighbor (the trainer who was kind enough to take me to the tracks every weekend) to not tell my mother because she would have never let me go again!  Fortunately she didn't tell, as long as I promised not to do it again.

As you can see, the obsession never left as I grew up.  Let me be clear though- I grew up dirt poor. But horses are my passion.  As soon as I was old enough I found a way to work (i.e. muck stalls and do other grueling barn labor) just to be around these beautiful animals.  From high school through college I learned to ride by bartering my labor.  I'm still doing this today, and teach lessons at a local barn here in Amman.  See?  If I can manage to weasel my way into the horse industry in the Middle East, then all of you in my PH family are capable of anything!


The only other thing I have an equal love and passion for is coffee.  I'm in a pretty serious relationship with all things coffee.  My day revolves around how I'll make my coffee and when I'll have another coffee.  Whenever my sister and I chat over FaceTime we are always asking each other about what coffee we drank that day.  When I travel, finding local coffee shops is on the itinerary.  I'd say it's a problem, but it makes me so happy that I'm pretty sure it completes my soul.  If you hate coffee, I may not trust you.  

I also love good food, travel, classic literature and silly teen novels with limited vocabulary (I just can't help myself).  My Netflix feed is filled with things like Gilmore Girls, Turn, and Vikings.  I love a good period piece.

I am a world class procrastinator and will spend countless amounts of time coming up with things to do that get me farther and farther from my To Do List.

I'm a creative at heart.  And that is often a very hard thing to cope with.  All the ideas and inspiration and words that fill my head are often exhausting.  I'm always analyzing and evaluating and planning and augmenting.  The goal being clarity, efficiency, and happyness, but the reality is that the overflow paralyzes me. 

Let's see, horses, coffee, Gilmore Girls- yep I think that pretty much sums me up...

Wait a minute...did I mention I can get pretty sarcastic?  


My Cast of Characters:
(in no particular order)

weddingH:  Well there is this fella I fell in love with at UNC and married.  He's pretty awesome.  He knows all my secrets and hopes and wants and dreams.  Without him, I'd be okay, but incomplete.  And then we took in my two wonderful sisters who are now 17 and 22, and then we had two amazing little boys that are 4 and 2.  (Remember how I mentioned a Skype coffee date?  Yep, it's fit for Oprah.)   The Freeland tribe has since expanded to include two dogs and two horses.  Because H serves our country for the State Department, we are spread to multiple points across the pond, but we still make a decent pack I think.

B:  Aforementioned 22 year old coffee loving sister.

K:  Coffee-hating (but tea loving) 17 year old sister.

Little P:  Little Boy No. 1, independent, smart, future UNC basketball star.

Little R:  Little Boy No. 2, goof ball, sensitive, future Michigan football star (also a lover of coffee, but you didn't hear that from me).

My Beautiful Boys! Photo by Briana Alexandra Photography.

Double Troubles:  Little P and Little R collectively.  Also sometimes referred to as the "Resistance"- it's all in good fun and hilarity I swear. 

CG:  AKA Colorado Girl- My BFF, my fellow introverted soul sister.  We talk daily and are kindred spirits.  Oddly enough, she hates coffee (but I forgive her because she loves the smell- and when I visit she knows our first stop in the morning must be for coffee!)  Shocker, she is also a horse person.

The M's:  My fellow EFM/Foreign Service soul sisters.  We love food and wine and chatting!  We just get each other in that way only we understand

The Cast is constantly growing, so check back often if I mention someone in a post and you don't get who they are.

If you've actually read this far, I hope you've grown to like me enough to subscribe for updates!  I want to hear from you!  What are your dreams and passions?  What makes you tick?  Who comprises your cast of characters?






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