I've been racking my brain trying to think of something blue to contribute to the Get Your DIY On party challenge.  Go figure- when I'm under pressure, this little DIY-er is at a loss.  Abby- if this is cheating just let me know 🙂

However, it is FALL- and it's my leaves-turning-football-loving-crisp-air-sweaters-boots-stew-most-favorite-time-of-year.  I cannot express how IN LOVE with Fall I am!  And with Fall comes my inner mama bear who, in an effort to prepare for winter I suppose, is suddenly bursting with recipe ideas.

Earlier today I made these breakfast boats which were a huge hit!  And then I had all this left over bread:

Waste not, want not!
Waste not, want not!

So I immediately decided to take a stab at some bread pudding.  I looooove a good bread pudding- and they are so simple.  Yet I think its their simplicity that make bread puddings easy to mess up.  I've had many a bad bread pudding in restaurants.  And what warms the soul and prepares it for fall better than bread pudding?

I then scoured the fridge to see what I had to put in said bread pudding- and there on the shelf was a half pint of BLUEberries!  So there you have it- I finally found some blue inspiration!

Before I started, I put the bread into a casserole and let it sit out to "stale" a bit- probably for a couple hours.

Tear in to different sized pieces for a good bread-y bread pudding!

Then I reminded myself to write down what I was doing so I could post it here:

Blueberry-Hazelnut Bread Pudding

Slightly stale bread (I can't accurately determine how much I had- but it was enough to comfortably fill an 8 inch casserole.  This was left over challah from my breakfast baguettes).
2 tblsp butter
1/2 c blue berries
1/2 c hazelnuts
3 eggs
1 1/2 c milk
1/2 c sugar
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla

Melt the butter and drizzle over the bread.  Toss in the blueberries and hazelnuts (or whatever nut of your choice- or none if you are allergic!).  Gently fluff with your hand or a fork - this gets the blueberries and nuts to fall down a bit.  In a bowl whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Pour mixture over bread.  The bread should be soaking, mostly submerged (but not entirely) kind of like a bowl of cereal.  If it isn't enough to cover your bread, i.e. all the bread on top is still dry, then add a little milk.  Bake for about 45 minutes at 350.  You know it's done when it puffs to its maximum height and is springy to the touch.  Or use the knife test, the knife comes out damp but clear, with no milk on it.

Nice and fluffy, and golden brown on top!
Nice and fluffy, and golden brown on top!

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Try this homemade caramel sauce.  I added 2 tsp of butterscotch schnapps (there that stuff is again!) - it makes it taste like Werther's candies!

It looks just divine on my Grandma's china!  Makes me feel like I'm in England!
It looks just divine on my Grandma's china! Makes me feel like I'm in England!

And as always- here are my variations that I already want to try:  Banana walnut served with creme de leche, apples and raisins topped with whipped cream, a blend of berries, or butterscotch pumpkin spice!

What desserts warm your soul and make you think of fall?

Love and Happyness to All!


I happily share at these parties!



Inspired by dinnerordessert as found on Once a Month Mom.

Sarah at the new daycare (read more about that here) is someone to admire when it comes to super mom-dom.  She has five of her own kids, runs an in home daycare with 6 little ones during the day (5 of which are boys between 6 months and 4 years!), and has taken on the daunting challenge of once a month cooking (OAMC in the circles of the knowing) for the whole house!  Seriously, ya'll, she's a mom-fu master, in my humble opinion.

Anyway- she introduced me to OAMC and I've been dabbling with the recipes to see if it's something I'm interested in trying.  I'm easing myself in though- preparing double meals a few nights a week and freezing one.  What interests me most, however, are the breakfasts, lunches and baby foods- because that's where we dump most of our moolah.

And then I found something magical at our farmer's market on Saturday:  fresh challah baguettes!  I love challah- but have not entered the foire of attempting to make it myself.  The best I've ever had was, naturally, made by the Jewish grandmother of the girl I nannied in college.  But, alas, I had to settle for the fresh baked baguettes at the farmer's market - which were tatsty, but did not hold a candle to that grandma's!  *Sigh*

Breakfast Boats

1 bag of baguettes (there were 6 HUGE baguettes in mine)
1 dozen eggs
1 lb sausage
3/4 cup half and half
1 bag shredded cheddar cheese

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Start cooking the sausage over medium heat.  Meanwhile, cut out your baguettes- scoop the bread out of the middle leaving enough all around to hold the egg mixture (think Panera bread bowl).  Line them up on a baking sheet.

I really crumbled the sausage as it cooked- like you do with hamburger for spaghetti sauce.  In a large bowl crack all the eggs, add the half and half.  Whisk together well.  Add cheese, reserving a couple handfuls for topping.  Mix in cooked sausage.  Ladle in to baguettes.  Each of mine had about a ladle and a half.  Bake for 30-40 minutes or until set.  (Time will vary- mine took longer than the original recipe- I think because the baguettes were huge and I filled them a lot!)

Here is where I will give you a warning:  Are you one of those people who likes to line things with foil to have less mess?  Well, I am.  And I did.  And. It. Was. Bad.  After 20 minutes in the oven they were not cooking on top and were overcooking on the bottom and sticking to the foil.  I had to pull them out, do some emergency surgery, carefully pulling them off and replacing on the cookie sheet.  Disaster averted.


When done sprinkle with cheese and melt.  Serve right away.  Makes six LARGE boats.  For smaller baguettes you would just make more or adjust the recipe as needed.  


I think these would be great in a bunch of different ways:  ham and swiss with some tomato and garlic, bacon and peppers and cayenne for a southwest twist, or just egg whites, cheese and veggies for healthier variety.

I can officially vouch that this was completely toddler approved (and I have one picky toddler, let me tell you)!

Happy little man!
Happy little man!

Last:  what did I do with all that extra bread?

Waste not, want not!
Waste not, want not!

Well made blueberry bread pudding of course!

Happyness eating to all!


I happily share at these parties!